Concord Equity Group Cofounder and Director Peter Stokes

Peter Stokes - Cofounder of Concord Equity Group

A graduate of the University of Cape Town, Concord Equity Group cofounder and manager Peter Stokes earned an LLB and LLM in commercial law before embarking on his more than two-decade-long career. After earning his law degree, he got his professional start as an attorney with Fairbridges Attorneys, the oldest law firm in South Africa. There, Mr. Stokes practiced commercial and corporate law while building experience in financial services.

In 2000, Mr. Stokes joined the Carphone Warehouse Group as in-house counsel, a role in which he helped the company prepare for its London Stock Exchange IPO and supervised the company’s venture capital investment portfolio. After a successful tenure, he accepted a position as director of Frontiers Capital, a joint project with the Carphone Warehouse Group to manage an $80 million venture capital endeavor. During this time he also served as Frontiers Capital's chief compliance officer and guided several venture capital investments.

In 2004, Peter Stokes spearheaded the acquisition of Frontiers Capital by Concord Equity Group, which he currently leads. In this role, he provides guidance on asset-backed lending transactions and helped establish a private securitization fund. As part of his responsibilities, he also oversees Concord Maritime Training, a subsidiary that focuses on training and development in the oil and gas industry across southern Africa. Under his direction, the company recently raised funding to expand operations into Mozambique.